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Our People

One brand, one team, one success

Coffee Specialists advise Club Members in Nespresso

Our passionate, entrepreneurial-minded team has transformed Nespresso into the reference in portioned coffee and one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Our people represent the heart and soul of our success story. Their commitment, deep expertise and passion drive the company’s ability to continuously innovate and delight consumers.

Nespresso is more than just a capsule. More than 12,000 employees, representing more than 90 nationalities, are the faces behind the brand. They bring our brand to life for each and every Club Member.



Delivering highest quality in all activities

Some 50% of employees in the markets are in direct contact with Club Members. They are essential in building long-lasting relationships with our consumers. Others provide innovative solutions to keep delighting and surprising our consumers. Be it in coffee creation, machine development, service or sustainability.

Each employee is committed to delivering highest quality throughout all aspects of our business. In our state-of-the-art production centres, our offices, our boutiques and our Customer Relationship Centres, everyone is encouraged to innovate and excel.

As ever, our success relies on a continuous quest for committed, innovative and dynamic people in the pursuit of excellence.