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Creating Sustainable Business Success

Over the years, Nestlé Nespresso has built a strong and sustainable business. The company has maintained its focus on delivering high quality and innovation in a sustainable way. The Nespresso Unique Business Model enables us to guarantee quality at every stage of the value chain from farmer to consumer.

Sustainability is our way of doing business.

Our long-term approach to sustainability runs deep in our company. Building on Nestlé’s “Creating Shared Value” principles and willing to improve our sustainability performance throughout our activities, we developed Ecolaboration™ from 2009 to 2013 to consolidate all our sustainability efforts and provide a framework for partnerships and innovation. In 2014, Nespresso announced its ambitious 2020 sustainability strategy, The Positive Cup, based on 3 major engagements. By 2020, Nespresso has committed to reach 100% sustainably sourced coffee, 100% sustainably managed aluminium and 100% carbon efficient operations.


Unique business model and route to market

Nespresso is responsible for every stage of the sourcing, production and distribution of our coffees. Our Unique Business Model enables direct consumer relationships and extreme attention to quality at each step.

Our consumers interact with us through three different channels. This unique route to market includes the Nespresso e-commerce platform, a global network of exclusive boutiques and dedicated Customer Relationship Centres giving consumers easy access to coffee specialists for advice on our coffees and machines.

Nespresso also has a unique opportunity to build on consumer loyalty and strengthen partnerships in the business-to-business channel. Our business-to-business offerings provide solutions designed to meet the needs of some of the most discerning hosts in the business and hospitality industry.


Unique expertise and holistic approach to sustainable development

We recognise our obligations to respect the environment and safeguard resources for future generations. We are committed to producing the highest quality coffee, while balancing the economic, environmental and social impact of our operations. Achieving growth sustainably has become our way of doing business.

The Nespresso sustainability journey started in 2003 with the launch of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. This initiative aims to increase the quality and sustainability of our coffees, while improving the lives of farmers.

From 2009 to 2013, Nespresso set up Ecolaboration™ to integrate sustainability across all its activities. This program provided a framework for partnership and innovation to drive ongoing sustainable development.

In 2014, building on our Creating Shared Value approach and on the previous sustainability programs, Nespresso set a vision entitled The Positive Cup to provide the highest quality and most sustainable portioned coffee worldwide.

Learn more about The Positive Cup and our sustainability targets.