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Nespresso introduces its first AAA Limited Edition Dhjana

Go back to list Lausanne, SWITZERLAND, Jul 31, 2011

Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer and reference in highest-quality premium portioned coffee, launches its latest limited edition coffee, Dhjana. This is the first limited edition blend to be sourced entirely from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.

Dhjana, the first 100% AAA Limited Edition coffee

In addition to its permanent range of Grand Cru coffees, Nespresso introduces two extraordinary and rare Grands Crus for a limited period each year. Nespresso Coffee Experts constantly travel to and visit the world’s top coffee-growing regions in the search for rare and extraordinary coffee beans. The Limited Edition coffees from Nespresso aim to continuously surprise and delight Club Members and coffee lovers around the world through new and different coffee experiences.

The latest Limited Edition Dhjana, a rich, complex and multi-faceted coffee, is a blend that embodies all the benefits of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program and reveals its full personality in-cup. Both intense and balanced, Dhjana harmoniously reveals the aromatic character of each of its four constituent origins.

From the luminous hills of Mogiana in Brazil, it takes its balance and intensity from the region’s finest Arabicas. The Arabicas grown at the heart of the luxuriant tropical forests of Costa Rica gives it a velvety texture with subtle milky notes, while its refreshingly fruity notes arise from the naturally misty skies of the Colombian Andes. From the heart of the undergrowth sheltered by tall trees, Indian Robusta brings to it full body and power, nuanced by a fine bitterness.

“Each of these four unique terroirs brings a note, body and depth of taste to the consumer experience,” commented Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso . “Dhjana is an engaging way to experience first hand the taste of quality delivered by the AAA program. Nespresso curates an extraordinary global coffee crop which, through the AAA program, is protected, enhanced and improved. The quality of AAA coffee, its sustainability promise, the distinct aroma and taste profiles of each country of origin, selected, roasted and blended with the Nespresso expertise: Dhjana brings all this together into a single exquisite cup for Club Members to savour and enjoy.”

The Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program was launched in 2003 with Rainforest Alliance to help protect the future of the highest quality coffee and secure the livelihoods of the farmers that grow them. The AAA Program gives coffee farmers support, training and technical assistance to improve sustainability and productivity while maintaining the highest quality. As part of EcolaborationTM, the sustainable development platform of Nespresso, Nespresso’s goal is to source 80% of its coffee from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program, including Rainforest Alliance certification, by 2013. At the end of 2010, Nespresso was already sourcing more than 60% of its coffee from roughly 40,000 farmers who are part of the program.

Best served in an espresso cup (40ml), and ranking at an intensity level 8, Dhjana draws on the richness of its native soils. This full-bodied, velvety espresso offers smooth and delicate milky notes enhanced by a refreshing hint of fruit.

Sealed in a bronze-coloured capsule to keep all its aromas intact, Dhjana will be available from 12 September, 2011.

Contact information:

Anna Lundstrom
Brand PR Communication Manager
Tel +41 21 796 96 97

About Nestlé Nespresso SA
Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and market leader in highest-quality portioned premium coffee. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso has a presence in more than 50 countries and 5500 employees. In 2010, it operated a global retail network of 215 exclusive boutiques. Nespresso achieved global 2010 sales of more than CHF 3 billion and organic growth of more than 20%.

About EcolaborationTM
EcolaborationTM is the Nespresso way of doing business across all operations, from the coffee sourcing to the capsule recycling, while creating shared value for society. The EcolaborationTM mission is threefold: to protect the future of our Grands Crus coffees; to manage the social and environmental impacts of our business from the cherry to the cup; to improve the lives of coffee farmers and their communities.  

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