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A revolutionary methodology by professionals for professionals, the Nespresso Coffee Codex approaches coffee like wine

Nespresso Coffee Codex 

Expanding sommeliers' and chefs' coffee expertise

Recognising the role premium coffee plays in complementing an unforgettable dining experience, Nespresso has translated its coffee expertise into a groundbreaking and easy-to-understand methodology dedicated to professional sommeliers: the Nespresso Coffee Codex.

The unique Nespresso handbook approaches coffee like sommeliers would wine. Its complete methodology is designed to help sommeliers as well as gourmet chefs expand their coffee expertise and guide them in the art of pairing highest quality coffee with other meal elements to create delightful sensory experiences for their guests.


Mastering ideal pairings of coffee with other food and beverages

According to Giuseppe Vaccarini, Best Sommelier of the World ASI and Coffee Codex co-author, “Knowing only about wine is a thing of the past for the professional sommelier. In order to be successful, he or she must master all the ingredients around the table: from spirits and waters to chocolates, cigars and, of course, coffee.”

Nespresso coffee harmonisation 

“In developing the Coffee Codex, we applied the vocabulary of wine tasting to the art of tasting coffee. Not only does this reflect the parallels between the two fields, it also enables the sommelier to effectively identify and describe the characteristics of coffee needed to make ideal pairings with other food and beverages,” explains Vaccarini.

The Nespresso Coffee Codex is organised into four basic sections: background on coffee and its production from the bean to the cup; the art and technique of coffee tasting; matching the aromas of premium coffees with other products such as chocolate, water and spirits; and individual perspectives from internationally recognised sommeliers on the harmonies of foods and beverages paired with Nespresso professional Grand Cru coffees.

From Isa Bal’s recommendation of Lungo Forte with Irish Whiskey to Merete Bø’s pairing of Espresso Leggero with 65% Madagascar Milk Chocolate, the sommeliers demonstrate how precise sensory analysis can help create an unforgettable table ritual.

The pioneering 150-page reference is the result of more than a year of close collaboration between Nespresso coffee experts and a team of international wine experts led by Giuseppe Vaccarini. First published in 2009, a second edition was released in 2012, featuring methodology refinement and updated definitions.

“The Nespresso Coffee Codex is the product of synergies and mutual understanding between experts in the fields of coffee and wine. Its evolution and growing sophistication has been enhanced by the over 100 professional sommeliers around the world who have attended the Nespresso Coffee Sommelier™ Program since 2009,” adds Marco Zancolo, Head of B2B Channel at Nestlé Nespresso.


Nespresso premium coffee for fine dining experiences

The Coffee Codex is part of a global initiative by Nespresso to assist the world’s leading chefs and sommeliers to better understand coffee and its potential as part of the overall gastronomic experience for their customers.

Building upon the Coffee Codex is the Nespresso Coffee Sommelier™ Program, a comprehensive training for wine professionals to adapt their sensory skills to the world of Nespresso Grand Cru coffee. The Coffee Codex is also the basis for another Nespresso program geared towards professional chefs: the Nespresso Chef Academy, which additionally explores how coffee can be used as an ingredient to awaken the senses at the dining table.

“Initiatives such as the Coffee Codex strengthen our position as the coffee brand of choice for fine dining experiences,” says Zancolo. “By developing advanced programs to educate and train professionals in the art of appreciating coffee like wine, Nespresso has created something that is relevant, innovative and unique in the industry.”