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Nespresso launches U, the next generation machine that shapes itself to suit your lifestyle

Nespresso U Pure Black

Innovative and pure design

With the launch of the newest Nespresso machine U, coffee lovers around the world will be able to enjoy even more personalisation and pure design for their ultimate coffee experience at home.

With its curved, flexible shape, U is the most modular Nespresso coffee machine to date. Its innovative rounded water tank slides seamlessly around the machine, letting it change shape to suit your interior layout. The U also features a removable magnetic cup support designed to fit long or short drinks, which can be cleverly positioned around the machine according to space requirements. U’s sophisticated, modular design and minimalist, contemporary look fit well into any living space. Its smooth, rounded lines and understated colour variations – Pure Cream, Pure Black, Pure Grey and Pure Orange – allow users to express their style while complementing their home environment.


Next generation functionality

On top of its sleek form, U offers ultra-convenience with cutting-edge functionality. It features pre-programmed Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo sizes, while a tactile interface memorises your favourite cup length, eliminating the need to select it each time. Automatic brewing means your coffee begins the second you drop in your Nespresso capsule and close the neat slider. This is another new feature that replaces the capsule handle of previous models.

Nespresso U Pure Black

With an optimised energy profile of A-40%, U also reflects the Nespresso environmental commitment to increase the energy efficiency of its machines and reduce the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso coffee, as outlined in its Ecolaboration™ program. U heats up in a mere 25 seconds and switches automatically to OFF mode after 9 minutes of inactivity. Its body is made from 30% post consumer recycled plastic.


Dedicated accessories

Celebrating U’s adaptability, personalisable approach and minimalist aesthetic, a range of dedicated accessories has simultaneously been launched with the machine. An innovative tray with two stackable magnetic dispensers can be joined to the machine like an extension, tailoring U’s shape to suit your preference. A new bi-coloured black and cream Totem capsule holder separates into two parts to maximize storage. Meanwhile, a clear Bonbonnière rocking capsule jar lets you select your preferred Grand Cru in an instant.

Nespresso U 4 colours
U is available from September 2012 in Nespresso boutiques

Following U’s clean-lined simplicity are additions to the iconic Glass Collection. This includes an elegant new Recipe glass with a neat grip area and stainless steel Recipe spoon, as well as a glass Cappuccino cup with a bi-coloured saucer in black and matte grey. Lungo and Espresso cups come with bi-coloured saucers to mix and match, in black with orange, yellow, green or blue.

U is available from September 2012 in Nespresso boutiques, at the online Nespresso boutique, from the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centres and from selected trade partners.