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Nespresso hosted media conference to announce its third production centre

03 May 2012 | Lausanne, SWITZERLAND – Senior management from Nestlé and Nespresso as well as officials from the canton of Fribourg jointly raised a toast – with a cup of Nespresso Grand Cru coffee, of course – in the Swiss town of Fribourg.

The occasion was a media conference where officials from Nestlé and the canton jointly announced the Nespresso commitment to build its third production centre in Romont, a town in the canton of Fribourg. The new facility will complement the two existing Nespresso production centres in the nearby Swiss towns of Orbe and Avenches. Officials and dignitaries from the canton, representatives from the regional economy and more than 20 journalists attended the media conference.

Third production centre announcement
Senior management from Nestlé and Nespresso
as well as officials from the canton of Fribourg jointly
raise a toast with a cup of Nespresso Grand Cru coffee

Nestlé representatives included: Patrice Bula, Executive Vice President at Nestlé SA, responsible for the Strategic Business Units, Marketing, Sales and Nespresso; Eugenio Simioni, Market Head of Nestlé Switzerland; Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA; and Daniel Lagger, Operations Director of Nestlé Nespresso SA. The cantonal authorities were represented by: Beat Vonlanthen, Minister of Economic Affairs; Maurice Ropraz, Minister of Planning, Environment and Construction; and Jean-Luc Mossier, Director of Economic Promotion. Other dignitaries included Roger Brodard, Mayor of Romont.



Nespresso: an international brand with Swiss roots

Nespresso is proud of its Swiss roots. And we are proud of its Swiss quality. Today, from Sydney to Shanghai and from Stockholm to San Francisco, consumers demand the highest quality Nespresso Grand Cru coffees. Each of our capsules – including those from the new Nespresso Production Centre in Romont – is an emblem for Swiss quality,“ Mr Bula told the conference.  

This new site represents a strategic investment in the long-term business development of Nespresso. “Nestlé will have invested CHF 300 million and created some new 200 direct jobs in the region when our new factory opens in 2015 and at least twice that in the long term,” added Mr Bula.

Mr Simioni stressed that, by building the third Nespresso Production Centre in Romont, Nestlé is making a commitment to extend its historic presence in the canton of Fribourg, which is already home to its Cailler chocolate factory. “The Nespresso decision to invest here highlights once again the commitment of Nestlé to Switzerland,” said Mr Simioni.

“It also demonstrates the confidence Nestlé has in Swiss industry and the increased role it intends to play, not only because the company was created in Vevey, but because it finds in our home country the conditions for its development,” said the head of Nestlé Switzerland. “Those conditions relate to the values ​​that made the country so successful, namely quality of work, expertise, creativity, innovation and flexibility.”

Strategic and quality considerations were the key drivers in the Nespresso decision to build its new production centre in Switzerland, as explained Mr Lagger. “Nespresso shares with Switzerland an image of quality and innovation at home and abroad. Locating our third factory here in Romont allows us to build on the existing Nespresso team’s expertise in Switzerland and to draw on Swiss excellence,” he said.


Sustainability: An integral part of the new factory

Mr Vonlanthen, on behalf of the cantonal government, expressed his satisfaction at being able to provide a home for the new Nespresso production centre in the canton. ”The Nespresso company profile suits the canton of Fribourg well. Nespresso is an innovative company. This implementation will strengthen our dynamic food tech cluster,” he explained.

The new Nespresso Production Centre – similar in size to that in Avenches – will be anchored in the unique Nespresso Ecolaboration™ sustainability framework, Mr Lagger told his audience. It also fits with the canton of Fribourg’s effort to promote “cleantech” businesses on its territory. Mr Lagger also highlighted in his speech that sustainability is embedded into the brief for the factory – from its conception to its operation.


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