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Nespresso expands its U machine range with Umilk and Umat


New models offer more options for U

With the launch of the new Umilk and Umat, Nespresso offers consumers even more options to enjoy cutting-edge design, technology and convenience for their home coffee experience. The newest additions to the U machine range provide an integrated milk solution as well as new premium finish options.

Featuring a clever, modular design, the Nespresso U machines are designed to fit contemporary living spaces and small interiors, while cutting-edge technology delivers a perfect coffee at the touch of a button. A pleasure to use and display, the U machine range is for those who seek ultimate simplicity, the highest quality coffee and pure design.


Umilk has an integrated Aeroccino3 that delivers smooth
and finely textured milk froth for hot and cold milk recipes.

Umilk with integrated Aeroccino3

Umilk has an integrated fresh milk solution, bringing coffee and milk lovers added flexibility and convenience. An integrated Aeroccino3 milk frother delivers smooth and finely textured milk froth for hot and cold milk recipes. As with the rest of the U machine range, the Umilk can change its shape, adapting to a variety of interior layouts. Both the water tank and the Aeroccino base swivel seamlessly along the back of the machine as needed. Umilk is available in two understated colours: Pure Cream and Pure Black.


New premium finish options

Umat brings an additional touch of refinement to the pure design of the U machine range. A new matt finish allows the Umat to stand out in subtle elegance while its minimalist, contemporary look fits tastefully into any living space. Umat is available in two colours: Mat Red and Mat Grey.


Ultra convenience and efficiency

Umilk and Umat join the U machine range in bringing coffee lovers top functionality through next generation technology. Advanced features such as automatic brewing, cut-off and capsule ejection make preparing a cup of Nespresso coffee effortless and efficient. The magnetic cup support adjusts for long and short drinks, and, like the optional removable capsule and sugar dispensers, can be easily configured depending on your favourite coffee rituals.


A new matt finish allows the Umat to stand out in subtle

Memorizing your preference

Three pre-programmed settings offer ideal cup-lengths for enjoying the Nespresso Grand Cru coffees in a variety of ways: Ristretto (25 ml), Espresso (40 ml) and Lungo (110 ml). A tactile interface remembers the most used cup size based on the last 11 coffees selected, making it even easier to have one’s favourite Nespresso at the push of a button.


Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Like the original U machine, Umilk and Umat consume 40% less energy than A-ranked machines in FEA/CECED’s measuring methodology. The machines heat up in a mere 25 seconds and switch automatically to off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, over a third of the plastic parts of the machines are made from recycled material, except for the parts in contact with food.


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